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Development of Professionalism
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Information about the
Acmeology Scientific Publications Group

The "Acmeology" magazine is issued since 2001 in cooperation with:

The Russian Academy of Education,

The International Academy of Aсmeological sciences,

The Chair of Aсmeology and Psychology of Professional Activity  of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA),

The Center of Aсmeological Researches.


The Main Founder-Editor:
 the President of the International Academy of Aсmeological sciences, ScD (Psychology, Education), Professor Derkach Anatoly Alexeevich.


The contents of a magazines cover practically all directions of modern psychological and aсmeological science and are aimed at the analysis of a wide range of scientific applied researches.

A magazines is the reviewed edition. It is marked in the Russian index of citing (Science Index). Articles are in open access in Scientific Electronic Library and on the  magazine site akmeology.com.

To the publication articles providing protection of dissertation researches on psychological and pedagogical sciences on competition of scientific degrees of the doctor and the candidate of science are accepted.


Acmeology Scientific Publications Group

Russian Version / Русская версия


E-mail: akmeology@akmeology.ru

Fh: +7 (499) 956-0725

Subscription index of the magazine in the Integrated catalog "Rospechat" – 70859

The magazine leaves 1 time a quarter.